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Datum:           Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2010 12:22

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Betreff:           Re: Zenas /Amifampridine


Dear Freya,


The Name Zenas will be changed to Firdapse.


Kind regards



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Dr. Adrian Quartel MD


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25 Feb 2010/



Dear Sir,


all sides concerned with the Lambert-Eaton-Syndrome are certainly very

pleased about the marketing authorisation for Zenas (3,4-Diaminopyridine)..


I am wondering, though, about the product name "Zenas" for Amifampridine.

Would you agree that the association with the statin "Zenas", although

already taken off market in 2001, might lead to confusions? Especially when

labelling requirements seem restricted as it is often the case with

blistered tablets / strip packs.


Could you kindly explain why "Zenas" was chosen as product name for





Freya Matthiessen

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